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1766 day(s) ago   #202
Name: Nick
Category: Technical
Location: Singapore
Date: 2015-07-30 22:37:29


Using XML Publisher in JDE EnterpriseOne

From tool release 8.97 onwards, Oracle has embedded the XML Publisher into JDE.
This is a big improvement to the existing JDE reporting tool.

Oracle has a product called BI Publisher (formerly know as XML Publisher), it can be standalone or server running on OAS. The XML Publisher in JDE used the same methodology (so called embedded), without the need to install the BI Publisher. The BI Publisher becoming the Oracle de-facto reporting technology for all the applications under the Fusion technology stacks.

Two new objects type for XML Publisher, RPDF and XMLP
- Report Definition: define the link to existing UBE report and version, define the output document type and delivery method. It can contains multiple XML Publisher objects (template). (One time printing that output to few different reports format but with same set of data)
- XML Publisher Object: The template created using Ms.Word (RTF format), require install the XML Publisher Desktop (plugin for Ms.Word). It acts similar to Mail Merge, the different is where it pulls the data from.

XML Publisher related application
The program used to define the XML Publisher Object is P95600.
The program used to define the Report Defination is P95620.
The program that view the Report Defination output is P95630.
The P986116`s exit bar has added few links to view the RD source (XML file), RD output, etc.

Application Server JDE.INI
New kernel for XML Publisher service:-

How it works
  1. Identify the UBE to use. It can be a simple report with columnar section that contains all the require fields.
  2. Create the XML Publisher Object using P95600 or OMW (records are stored in control tables, same to Solution Explorer), and upload the blank RTF document. (created using Ms.Word)
  3. Create the Report Definition. Here enter the UBE name and version(can leave blank and choose when print), the XML Publisher Object that created, output document type, and delivery method, either enter the AB number (system will get the email address in Address book), or enter a email address, or a group of email address.
  4. Submit the Report Definition to print.
  5. View the Report Definition Source. Save the XML file. (to be use as sample data when authoring the template)
  6. Open the blank template (RTF format), load the XML file, and start authoring the document to the desire format. (just like mail merge)
  7. Re-upload the completed RTF file using P95600.
  8. Submit the Report Definition to print, view the output.

The P95600, P95620 and P95630 can be run using web client, therefore, development workstation is an optional here.
1205 day(s) ago   #253
Name: Willsqualge
Category: Technical
Date: 2017-02-10 00:50:24


Using XML Publisher in JDE EnterpriseOne

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