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2628 day(s) ago   #100
Name: Eddie
Category: Technical
Location: India
Date: 2013-03-20 21:00:56


Ship Confirmation created duplicate records in F4111

For no apparent reason, some lines on a particular sales orders are being double ship confirmed meaning that the Cardex (F4111) is getting duplicate entries for a specific line on a sales order. P4205 being for ship confirmation. We tried to duplicate the issue in test environment but we cannot. Has anyone encountered this problem?

Thanks n Regards
JDE E1 - TechnoFunctional
Xe - 7333
2601 day(s) ago   #104
Name: TechZone
Category: Technical
Location: Singapore
Date: 2013-04-16 23:46:14


Ship Confirmation created duplicate records in F4111

Hi Eddie,

Refer to Doc ID 1466928.1 on knowledge garden

Question - Why are duplicate Cardex (F4111) records created during Ship Confirm?
Answer - Make sure that the 00/RR has P4205 set with a special handling code of 1 so that it will hit record reservation when the same record is being inquired by the same user. In Windows client, if the user clicks the OK button very quickly multiple times, duplicate records will be created in the F4111. This can be avoided if the user only clicks OK once. This is not an issue in the web client. There was a Bug 10776057 reported on this, however it was returned redesign not planned. See the Bug for additional details. In order to correct the additional F4111 record, manual database update will need to be performed. Additionally, adjustments may need to be made to the item`s record in the Item Availability (F41021) file to correct the quantity, which may have been depleted twice.

Oracle JDE E1
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