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2024 day(s) ago   #164
Name: JDE1
Category: Technical
Location: India
Date: 2014-11-09 07:24:04


Re-size search and select boxes in JDE E1 9.1

We are on JDE E1 9.1 and we are using the 9.1.3 toolset. Since going to the new toolset, one of the client raised concern about search & select window size. Client says - When I click on the magnifying glass to search and select, the box is very small and there is no "expand" button. I can drag it to be larger but then on the next find it goes back to being small. Is this a default view that can be changed?

After googling on oracle support found the following details -

Starting with tools release 9.1, All Visual Assist forms by default open as inline pop-up/modal search windows. Prior to 9.1 tools release, it would open and fill the entire browser window. The initial size of the pop-up window is determined by the size of the Search and Select form defined in Form Design Aid (FDA) and the window re-sizing is not retained after it is closed. The default view of the pop-up window therefore depends on the design of the application that is called on the visual assist.

For a particular search and select window , suggest that the size of the Search and Select window in be re-sized in FDA so that more columns are visible. Alternatively, you could create a custom grid format to put the significant columns in the window.

Hope it is usefull.

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