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2093 day(s) ago   #157
Name: TechZone
Category: Technical
Location: India
Date: 2014-09-01 00:11:27


JDE ER Debugger with Conditional Breakpoint

Event Rules Debugger is very important for JDE Developers, it helps in checking actual flow of program.
The JD Edwards debugger helps not just in debugging the code at run time, but at times, it gives us a good visual of the code and the parameters which itself sometimes solves the issue.

According to help file of ER Debugger : The Event Rules Debugger provides the essential debugging tools (breakpoints, step commands, and variable inspection), you need to debug a OneWorld interactive or batch application. You can use the Event Rules Debugger to debug named event rules and table event rules. When the Event Rules Debugger builds debug information for an application, it includes named event rule and table event rule information for that application.

It also has many limitations as below -
  1. Suppose there are about 10000+ records in a UBE, and you have an issue with records starting from nth one.
  2. Need to break only for a specific record.
  3. Break on the line of code when a condition satisfies (like the var is not equal to value).
  4. Break on multiples of a hit count, e.g. break on 10th, 20th, 30th, .
Now from E1 tools 8.97 onwards we got a new functionality called Conditional Debug, for ER Debugger.

Notice the ? symbol on the Breakpoint set. That is called as conditional breakpoint.
Right click on the breakpoint, and select its Properties and following window prompts-

Here we can set the Condition for break point on when to Break. Only issue here is that you have to specify the complete Name of the variable (Case sensitive) with the condition.

Now lets look at the HIT counter functionality of the Conditional Breakpoint. The hit counter can be used on the following occasions.
  • Break Always on all records
  • Break if the Hit Count is equal to a value
  • Break if hit count is greater than or equal to
  • Break if the hit count is a multiple of a value

An additional functionality that the Breakpoint Properties give us is Enable/Disable a Breakpoint, instead of deleting it.

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