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Name: Admin1
Category: Technical
Location: Singapore
Date: 2020-01-10 09:50:09


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions on Table Conversion (TC) in JDE E1

Q1. What is Table Conversion (TC)?
TC is a type of batch process that enables you to rapidly manipulate the data in tables

Q2. What type of conversions can be done in TC?
- Data Conversion
- Data Copy
- Data Copy with Table Input
- Batch Delete

Data Conversion: enables you to transfer or copy data from an input table or business view into output tables using the logic that is necessary to perform the transfer. You can also use Data Conversion to update records in a table or business view.

Data Copy : enables you to copy tables from one data source or environment to another source or environment when the tables are identical.

Data Copy with Table Input: enables you to copy tables based on information from an input table. For example, the input table provide information about which tables are copied, where they are copied and so on.

Batch Delete: enables you to delete records from a table or business view.

Q3. What is table conversion process flow?
When you process a table conversion, the system triggers events that are similar to the events that are triggered when a report or application is run. These events are specific to the table conversion that you defined. Events provide pauses in the processing of the table conversion where you can attach logic.
In general, the event flow is the same for all table conversion types because these conversion types are all subsets of a data conversion:
Data Copy : This conversion type does not include input and output tables. All actions are accomplished through the Process Begin event.

Data Copy with Table Input: this conversion type does not include output table, all actions are accomplished through the Process Begin, Process End and Row Fetched event.

Batch Delete: As with the data copy with table input type, this conversion type does not include output table, all actions are accomplished through the Process Begin, Process End and Row Fetched event.

Q4. How many inputs a TC can have?

Q5. What is foreign table?
Tables that do not have a JD Edwards EnterpriseOne definition but reside in a database that is supported by JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. Basically Non - JDE tabless are called foreign table not defined by JDE E1.

Q6. How many outputs can be attached in a Batch Delete?

Q7. What is flow of events in TC?
Process Begin, Data Changed, Row Fetched, Format Fetched and Process End

Q8. What is difference between User Insert Row and TC Insert Row?
A User Insert Row can defined anywhere but TC Insert has to be defined at the end of the event

Q9. What is a processing option and where do you attach it in a TC?
It is a run time user input and you attach po in the external data of the navigation window

Q10. List few table conversion system functions.

Set Selection Append flag
Set User Selection
Stop Conversion Processing
Stop Event Processing

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