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2208 day(s) ago   #144
Name: TechZone
Category: Technical
Location: Singapore
Date: 2014-05-09 00:03:42


Business Function called in Control Exit Changed - Async event is Not Asynchronous on the Web Client


On the Web client, business function (example BSFN_A ) is invoked in the Control Exit Changed - Async event (with HTML Post Enabled). The next business function called in the event is executed only after the BSFN_A has finished executing. It appears that BSFN_A does not execute in asynch mode. On a fat client workstation the second business function does not wait for BSFN_A to finish prior to executing. Why is the business function not executing in asynchronous mode on the Web client?


There is a difference between an asynchronous business function and a business function called in an asynch event. The former one will be triggered in its own thread when the whole form is done processing. The latter one will be executed along with other event rules and the engine will wait for the business function while it is executing.

When a business function is executed, if it is inline, it is executed right away, if it is asynch, it is put in the asynch queue and all asynch business functions are executed after the whole form is processed. Asynch business functions are only available on the OK, Cancel and Close post button click event.

If there is a business function in an asynch event, then the engine will wait until that business function is done and then continue to the next event rule. Web runtime does not care about the asynch events (except for Post Button clicked asynch events on OK, Cancel and Close buttons), all events are executed inline, including business functions called in those events. So the business function called in an asynch event executes as inline therefore all other inline business function will wait for it to finish before they start executing.

This model is different from the fat client workstation. It has been proven that the fat client`s model introduces more inconsistency into the software since there is no guarantee when the event rules in the asynch event would be executed. Our web client will not be changed since this is the intended design.

Note: Information in this document applies to any platform.

For more detials please refer to Oracle support Doc ID 636150.1

Hope it is helpful.
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